>> audio synthesis

Digital Instrument Design

Synth patch construction combines musical instrument design with user interface design. Both of those are strong interests of mine.

Combined, they sometimes make me forget to eat or sleep.

My primary tool for audio work is the magnificent Nord G2X, an underrated tool if ever there was one.

I have posted a few patches on, but most of my work is unpublished, due to a vague desire to polish it further.

Algorithmic Composition

The G2 user community introduced me to the idea of the self-playing patch, or 'noodle', as they call it.

I have yet to make a really successful one, but I find algorithmic music fascinating, and would love to investigate it further.

Audio DSP Engine Design

I would love to have a real-time open-source synth engine with G2-like features that runs on general-purpose computer hardware. Thus far I haven't found one that fits the bill.

If you know of one, I'd love to hear about it. If you don't but would like one, get in touch, because I want to build it.