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Somewhere in 2010, the dead-man's latch that told my parents' dryer "the door is closed, so you can run" started misbehaving. For mechanical reasons I never understood, the pressure the door applied was not always sufficient to hold the latch in place.

It was worsening steadily, so one day I tried a simple hack - duct-taping a nickel to the door where it contacted the latch, thinking the additional matter might be enough to get it behaving again. It worked surprisingly well.

When I sat down to email my family and explain what I had done, a fairly cheesy couplet sprang into my head, and the following bit of fairly cheesy poetry followed immediately.

Laundry Hacks

To all those and sundry, to those who might care,
To those who wish daily for clean underwear:

I have duct-taped a nickel to the dryer's front hatch,
Which should keep us from having to play with its latch.

Please do not remove it, or take it to spend,
As the day that you do, my fix will unmend.

You all have now heard me, so please heed my cry,
And enjoy the slight hackage that helps our clothes dry.