- Software

I make software that solves real problems for actual users. I care intensely about the tools I use to do so.

I enjoy teaching and mentoring other developers. I did not have a mentor when I started writing software, so I learned many lessons the hard way. Helping others avoid those pitfalls is extremely satisfying.

I spend a lot of time thinking about software development workflows, especially involving version control, code review, documentation, and tools for web development environments.

I'm a big fan of open-source software. I do not believe proprietary software violates human rights, but I know too well the frustration of being dependent on a vendor for critical changes. I default to open-source programs and use proprietary ones only if there is a compelling reason.

I would love to have an open-source, real-time, auto-scaling audio DSP engine for general-purpose hardware - something like an open-source Kyma for arbitrary hardware. Discovering this already exists would be spectacular, but since I have not yet found it, I daydream about building it.