- Software Ideas

When I find myself wishing for a program and unable to find it, I put it in this list.

When I discover one of these already exists, I move it to my list of useful programs.

When I (help) get one to a usable point, I move it to my list of projects.

The Audio Engine

I would love to have an open-source, real-time, auto-scaling audio DSP engine for general-purpose hardware - something like an open-source Kyma for arbitrary hardware. Discovering this already exists would be spectacular, but since I have not yet found it, I work towards building it.

A Better (D)VCS

Git is a powerful piece of software with a poor user interface and a few shortcomings.

I chip away at designing a better VCS.

Note that before I started thinking about redesigning it entirely, I planned an improved hook manager and a distributed code review system for Git.


I occasionally use Watson to keep track of how I spend my time, but I think a significantly better command-line interface for the job is possible.


I care a lot about art in various media, and have in spare moments here and there mapped out a data model for tracking works and makers I'm interested in, and the times I've experienced those works.

Think of it as an unfinished, over-engineered todo list for experiencing artwork.

In many ways it's more a playground for practicing data modeling and experimenting with software design than it is anything I intend to finish.